The compact spectral response measurement stations come in a compact, self contained, light tight enclosure.

This makes it easier to install in laboratories and production halls. But if full access to all optics and the possibility to arbitrarily rearrange components is required (e.g. for widely varying cell size), a research spectral response System is of advantage.



Spectral range: any range within 300 nm to 1100nm, extended range to 1800 nm. Monochronatic light diameter 1cm, 2cm or 5cm. For large area monochromatic Illumination up to  8 or 12 inch diameter, please see the SR Research Station.

Bias light: white bias light for single junction cells.
Cell area: sub - mm to 6 inch square - special sizes on request
Monochromator: focal length 100mm to 300mm
Filter wheel with up to 6 blocking filters (to avaoid higher monochromatic light orders from monocromator.
Light chopper, typically 10 Hz - 1000 Hz.
Input lamps: Xenon or Xenon/tungsten combinations. Lamp power between 75W and 150W, depending on application.
Measurement procedure: AC with dual phase lockin amplifier, DC.
Light monitor: our compact systems come with single or double beam optic (with a second dual phase lockin for a light monitoring cell).
Sample holder: 1-6 Inch square, using vacuum suction to hold cell, temperature control 18°C to 50°C.
Cell contacts:  contacts on top and bottom, Option for top/top, bottom/bottom configuration.

For information on measurement technoligy in general, please compare the section SR General. 




for more information, please see pdf:  SR compact



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